Affordable Bucket List Ideas

A bucket list is a list of goals that you want to accomplish in your life. You may think it is pointless to have a bucket list because of your budget constrictions. However, there are affordable bucket list items that you may be interested in adding onto your list.

List Item #1: Learn an Instrument

You can either opt to get professionally taught or you can find free tutorials online where you can teach yourself the instrument you want to learn. You can also save money by buying your instrument from a secondhand shop or a reselling website.

List Item #2: Learn a Challenging Game

You can buy a chess board from a secondhand shop or your local store that sells games. You can begin learning how to play chess from online tutorials for free! If you want to do something else, maybe a Rubix Cube would be another option that you could learn.

List Item #3: Learn a Foreign Language

There are free learning apps and websites that can give you virtual lessons to learn the language you want. This is a great way to experience another culture and learn something that can be useful as a life skill.

List Item #4: Learn a New Artsy Skill

This can include anything from knitting, sewing, clay making, drawing, and more! You can find different skills you’d want to learn and then use free tutorials online to train yourself. Once you perfect your craft you can set goals of what you want to make.

List Item #5: Learn How to Dance

This can be any style of dance form from salsa, ballet, hip hop, and more. Find your rhythm and learn this skill so that not only can you enjoy your new groove, but you can also learn about another culture!

List Item #5: Write a Novel

If you love writing or just have a great mind with words, then you may want to consider writing a book. You can pick any subject and think of a whole concept and write your masterpiece. Once it’s done you can even go the extra step and show your work to people.

List Item #6: Get into Plants

You can see how well your green thumb works with this bucket list option. You can plant a variety of plants from vegetables, to fruits, to flowers, etc. You can even have a garden where you have all types of plants! The benefit is that gardening doesn’t cost much to upkeep, especially depending on the plant you choose. You can choose affordable plant options that work for the environment that you’re in.


There are numerous budget friendly options that you can consider when making your bucket list. These lists can be done whenever so you want to make sure you do something you enjoy when the time is right. Make sure to keep updating your list as you complete goals. Remember, bucket lists should not be stressful, but they should be something you aim to complete!