Understanding Life Insurance Medical Exams

If you want to get life insurance, you will need to get a medical exam in order for the insurance company to have an understanding about your health. These exams are done by a medical professional. The information that they get from the exam, as well as your health history will be used to see whether or not you are eligible for the policy that you are applying for as well as details about the policy like your monthly cost.

Understanding the Medical Exam

This exam is fairly basic and will consist of a questionnaire that you need to complete and potentially bodily samples like blood or urine. The questionnaire will be a pretty in-depth survey where you will detail your medical history, your family’s medical history, and your doctor’s information. You will also want to discuss any lifestyle habits like how often you exercise, your smoking habits, etc. They will take standard information like your height and weight, and blood pressure/heart rate. You will know which tests that will be conducted by the life insurance professional that has been assisting you. A great aspect about life insurance medical exams is the fact that they can be done in the comfort of your own home. The medical professional will be able to bring the necessary kits in order to conduct the tests. These exams usually take around twenty minutes because of the time it takes to talk to the professional about your health history as well as the time it takes to collect the samples. Once you take your exam, the insurance company will review your information, and it will typically take a few months to receive the results. The start date of your life insurance depends on the company that you applied with. In order to get an accurate picture, you will want to discuss the details with them.

Can You Fail a Life Insurance Medical Exam?

Yes! If the information that you provided on your original application doesn’t match with the results of your exam, then you run the risk of being denied coverage. However, a company can also ask for additional testing or clarification on an application as well! If you still didn’t pass the exam but you don’t know why then you can request your results from the insurance company in order to see what happened.

Why Does Your Life Insurance Policy Application Need a Medical Exam?

These exams are needed because insurance companies typically like to verify the information that is on your application, find any potential underlying medical conditions, and decide your monthly premium. For example, if you have Cancer that has yet to be diagnosed, you may be able to see that information with bloodwork. If you are determined to die at an earlier age, then you will likely have higher premiums. All of these aspects are reasons that life insurance companies like to collect that information from you.


Life insurance exams may be nerve racking, but they are necessary in order to get the coverage you may need for your family! Make sure to fill out your application accurately and honestly and you should be able to get the life insurance policy that works for you!