What You Need to Know About Tiny Homes

You may have seen articles or news reports about this trend that is gaining popularity. As the cost of housing gets more and more expensive, people are turning to a housing alternative known as “Tiny Housing”. Tiny Housing refers to homes that are under 37 m² and it is typically mobile. However, it is important to components associated with this type of housing.

What to Look for with a Tiny Home

There are many pros and cons to having this type of housing. Some of these positives include the fact that they are easier to clean, they cost less, and they are mobile!

Easier to Clean

This is common sense. Less space means less cleaning. You are able to more effectively clean your space because there isn’t much you need to do! However, a drawback is the fact that you will likely need to clean more. When you could’ve cleaned your normal sized home 3 times a week, you may need to clean your tiny home every day. Since there is not as much space, little messes can feel much bigger.

They Cost Less

There are many ways that a tiny home can help you save money. One way is the fact that you can save money on the cost of heating and air conditioning. You have a small space to worry about and you won’t have central air so you can save lots! Another way that you can save money on expenses is just from the overall home. The cost of living will be much cheaper (some people don’t even have monthly payments) and you will only need to spend a small amount of money on utilities ($35 in a tiny home versus $135 for a normal sized home) These numbers are just general but should give you a good idea of potential savings. Some people also save money by going solar which is extremely easy to do in a tiny home. You can even avoid potential unexpected costs that you may face with a normal home. Often times, traditional homes are connected to septic tank systems. When you are in a tiny home you will likely need to manually empty out a toilet on a set basis like every 6 weeks. You also won’t have traditional appliances like a dryer. Instead you may have a drying machine that makes clothes less wet but then you have to let them dry outside.


The fact that you can literally move your entire house is one of the biggest advantages to this type of home. The way these houses are able to move so well is because they typically have steel beams and siding opposed to other home building materials like wood. This allows it to be placed onto a truck and moved. However, that is the downside. You can’t just throw your house on the back of your sedan and tow it yourself, you will need a truck to actually do the towing.


Tiny homes are becoming a new trend as people want more affordable housing options. This is a list of some aspects of tiny homes that you should keep in mind. However, if you want to seriously think about getting a tiny home then you can talk with local construction companies that will usually give you a free consultation!