How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

During this stressful time for the economy, many people are looking at ways they can save on expenses. Often times, people don’t realize that a great way to cut some costs around the home is by focusing on bills like your cable bill. In fact, there are a lot of methods that you can do in order to reduce this cost!

1- Sacrifice Channels

If you only watch HBO for one show, then it may be a good idea to just cut that premium channel. You save a lot of money without having to sacrifice a majority of the shows that you want to continue watching. If you are determined to watch a certain show, then you can cancel your channel subscription after the season ends so you are still able to get the content you want.

2- Control the Amount of Cable Boxes

If you have cable boxes in every room but pretty much only watch TV in your living room, then that should be a good indicator that you may be able to cut costs by only limiting yourself to one cable box.

3- Remove Unnecessary Fees

While DVR can be helpful, there are also more affordable ways to watch your show like using “on-demand”. You already pay for this and don’t need to pay extra for the DVR costs! You should also consider downsizing your plan. If you find yourself watching a few main channels, then you don’t need hundreds. Another cost you can cut are unnecessary ones like for HD technology or other aspects that may not apply to you.

4- Bundle Your Expenses

Many people don’t realize that you can “bundle” your bills. A majority of households also have internet to pay for. You can bundle these bills so that you can save a little more each month for the same services you were paying for! However, you want to make sure that your bundle makes sense. You don’t want to buy extra services in order to bundle because that eliminates the point.

5- Find a Better Provider

Not all cable providers are the same. You should compare available providers to see which offers a better bang for your buck. However, even if you find one that is more affordable than your current provider, you want to make sure that there are no cancellation fees that would offset the amount of savings you would get from switching.

6- No Cable is the Cheapest Cable

While this may seem obvious, many people forget to even consider this option. You can switch over to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix that have the majority of the titles you may be looking for, all for the fraction of the cost. However, if you aren’t looking to make such a big change then you can opt for more cable-like versions of television like SlingTV or DirecTV Now. These plans offer access to live and on-demand TV without the extra fees that may come with cable.


When managing your cable bill, you may feel hopeless. Luckily, there are options available that can help you save big or small on this bill. You have a lot of options and if you still are feeling hopeless don’t be afraid to contact your cable provider to discuss other alternatives as well!